The Book


Excerpts from the book “I’m God and You’re Not”, now available on Kindle E-book, Paperback, and Hardcover from Oren Athir Media.

From a reader’s five-star review on Amazon. (Used by permission of the reviewer) :

An experience

This is a well written, well researched, witty book! Humorous, creative, alternative and most of all a reason to contemplate on what was and what is now. The humorous approach does not aim to weaken belief but, on the contrary, to enhance faith. Highly recommended to those who not only think outside the box but believe there should be no box! A must read!

E-book, paperback, and hardcover are available from Amazon.

Paperback edition also available from  Barnes&Nobles website.

You can view Michael Zelig’s author page on Amazon here.

“I’m God and You’re Not” explores religious themes from God’s point of view, and uses satire and other forms of humor.  Excerpts on this web have been modified for extreme language, but are still suggest for mature readers only

Warning:  Easily offended people should not read these excerpts!


Note:  These are preliminary versions of the Preface and First Chapter.  They may have been revised and contain additional material in the final version

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