Is “God” blackmailing German Catholics?

According to the Associated Press, Roman Catholics bishops in Germany declared today that believers who refuse to pay religious taxes won’t be able to receive the sacrament, become godparents, work in church institutions, and possibly will be denied burial in sacred ground:

AP News: German group slams Catholic pay to pray decree.

Why we must oppose ALL religious intolerance

“As long as there are those who are willing to shed blood and take innocent life in the name of religion, the name of God, the world will never know a true and lasting peace.”

– Hillary Clinton

Sept 13, 2012

In memory of US ambassador Chris Stevens and his colleagues, killed by those who don’t know that the true name of God is Love.

Dr Pepper’s new ‘evolution’ ad: Offensive to Christians?

Ever think the anti-evolutionists take things too far?

From The Week web site: Dr Pepper’s new ‘evolution’ ad: Offensive to Christians? – The Week.

My favorite thing is the comment one person wrote about this:

“I ain’t no freaking chimp.”

No he isn’t…that would be an insult to the chimp...the chimp uses his brain.

Frankly, I’m a Coke man myself.  (Okay, maybe an occasional Root Beer)


Family Claims to Find Jesus Christ Image on Crab

Crabbing in Everett, Washington got a bit more interesting last weekend when a family caught a crab there with what they said appeared to be an image of Jesus Christ on its belly.  For the complete article, see Family Claims to Find Jesus Christ Image on Crab | NBC New York.

The news keeps reporting on people seeing images of Jesus Christ,or  the Virgin Mary in all sorts of things:  potato chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, tree barks, mold on bathroom walls.  I’m waiting to hear that someone found  an image of Jesus in their poop. Continue reading “Family Claims to Find Jesus Christ Image on Crab”