A Footnote to a Footnote

Just to clear up a possible issue in “I’m God and You’re Not” that might be misinterpreted.

At the beginning of Chapter II-Creation, footnote 7 discusses what God actually finds an obscene word to be. In it, some derogatory terms used to describe certain ethnic groups are repeated for illustrative purposes. The author wishes to assure the reader that he purposely used three different groups that make up his own ancestry, as he felt it was wrong to use ethnic slurs used against others. On the whole, he agrees with God’s take on this.

Family Claims to Find Jesus Christ Image on Crab

Crabbing in Everett, Washington got a bit more interesting last weekend when a family caught a crab there with what they said appeared to be an image of Jesus Christ on its belly.  For the complete article, see Family Claims to Find Jesus Christ Image on Crab | NBC New York.

The news keeps reporting on people seeing images of Jesus Christ,or  the Virgin Mary in all sorts of things:  potato chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, tree barks, mold on bathroom walls.  I’m waiting to hear that someone found  an image of Jesus in their poop. Continue reading “Family Claims to Find Jesus Christ Image on Crab”