An Introduction

Depending on your belief system (and I would admit that science is a belief system, too), some few thousand or a few hundred thousand or perhaps even some millions of years ago a unique creature came forth upon this planet. It was called man and it had the ability to think for itself. It was self-aware, capable of contemplating its birth,its life, and its inevitable death.

Being self-aware and feeling alone in the Universe, man wondered about many thing. For examples:

  • Why are we here?
  • Is there something greater than man? Does God(s) exist?
  • What is the nature of this God(s)?
  • What does God(s) expect from humanity?
  • Are we just self-aware animals or is there a divine spark in us?
  • How does man live a moral life? Can a moral life be lived without a belief in a God?

This blog will speculate on these issues, addressing the interplay of religion and politics, the use of religion as a weapon against others, and how can humanity evolve beyond its animal-like nature to its highest potential.

Come join me on the journey.

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