Hello out there

I know, I know… I’ve been awful quiet. Maybe you were even wondering if I was alive.

OK I was in hiding.

I’ve survived your wars, your taking my name in vain, your almost willful twisting of the best moral and ethical ideas that humanity has developed in its pursuit of Me, your hatred of strangers, your killing of innocents.

Repeating cycles of cruelty and horror, leading to the creation of more refugees who you reject, while you forget that at some point you or your ancestors were once refugees too.  Are you oblivious enough that you forget the duties to the stranger, which was the most sacred rule of all?  The Golden Rule which you are all fond of mentioning in your sermons as you crush it underfoot?

Looking  at your history over the past 100 years or so…it’s enough to make Me sick!  Even God can only take so much, you know!

So, yes, I ran away.

And what did I come back to?  Trump, Clinton, Kin Jong-un, Putin, Erdogan,  etc, etc.   Corruption masking as virtue.  Really, humanity?  This is the best you can produce?  Have you truly lost your collective mind?

Then again, what should I expect from a species that thinks I have a vested interest in who wins a soccer game!


And could you please, please stop saying that I selected Trump, or any of the other bozos to save you.  Don’t blame me for your own stupidity.  I had nothing to do with this insanity. None of these disgraces are the Messiah.  Perhaps more of the Anti-Christ if anything at all.

Look, I get it   You want to be saved   You want to feel you and the little worlds you have surrounded yourselves are righteous and holy.  Some of you want Daddy to come out of the sky, wave His arms, and justify your existence by exalting you and poof!, make it all okay with His special milk and cookies

It doesn’t work like that.  Never has. Never will.  Because I am NOT about any of that.  Take a good look at yourself humanity.  Thousands of years…you still do the two-step-forward-one-step-back waltz that’s been going on since your ancestors crawled out of the slime.  Well, at least you wind up going forward–although it seems  at times to be an excruciating slow march.

No, you are going to have to save yourself  You are going to have to face your delusions, find the better part of yourself, and bring it forth   You want justice? Be a force of justice.  You want peace.  Be the peace.  You want a world where children don’t cry themselves to sleep because they don’t have enough food, or their mother was raped and murdered before their eyes?   It’s up to you!

You want holiness in your world   Be holy.   Stop worrying about if your neighbor is gay, or worships differently than you do, or has a different skin color than yours.  If you can’t understand their language, look into their eyes with an open heart.

You will understand.

And it won’t be a matter of “I’m God and You’re Not”.   Because you will have brought Me forth in you and made Us one.











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